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] [laughter] >> thanks for being with us. we will see you tomorrow night. go to gretawire right now. i wanted to know what you think about the drone program and eric kantor will be here tomorrow night. you don't want to miss that. see you tomorrow night, go to gretawire right now. tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m. eastern. hello. i'm andrea, with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> here's one more reason not to let washington near your pocketbook. today the congressional budget office announced politicians in d.c. spend 850 billion more than they take in and are on track to have the national debt hit 26 trillion the next ten years. after those numbers were released. the president played small ball urging congress to pass a smaller package before automatic cuts go into effect march 1st. >> in congress can't act immediately on a bigger package, if they can't get a bigger package done by the time the sequester is scheduled to go into effect, i believe they should at least pass a smaller package. there's no reason that the jobs of thous
, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small. >> i'm greg gutfeld and others. it's 5:00 o'clock. this is "the five". we'll get to the confirmation hearings for c.i.a. director john brennan in a moment. first, you know who is an twitter? not on twitter, daniel faulkner. who is that? nobody special, just the cop that the man shot dead in 1981. so thanks to the skewed priorities of our cool, cool culture, a thug is a cause celeb, a victim forgotten. google daniel faulkner u you get 193,000 hits. google muna, you get photos. he's delightful in dregs. he writes poetry. sure would take an hour to find out how guilty he is, but why when you have others weeping on his behalf. now we have the new documentary out everywhere which is about as balanced as an italian cruise liner, a vile valentine to a thug whose mass murder is martyrdom. it's out now who hope that the dangerous cool of a murderer rubs off on their lives. he is global warm not guilty a prison jump suit, cocktail conversation for cowards. they crusade for gun control as they defend a cop killer. screw them. i b
. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small. to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone's is ready with the know how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ making the big romantic gesture. that's powerful. verizon. get a nokia lumia 822 in red for free. >> a fox weather alert. i am harris falkner. we are staying on the breaking weather situation in the south and southeastern part of the country. laitsz let's go to the map and see what we are watching. the hardest hit area, we knew it was going to be combative going into the hours as the system collided. cold wet air behind the blizzard air that went through. we knew it would be an active night. bam malabama, mississippi. this video has just come in from eric price one of our viewers now. this is the hattiesburg missis
semester, thank you for being with us tonight make sure you go to tell us what you thought about tonight's show. what you thought about what the legal panel said what you think we should do tomorrow night's show. good night from washington. lie. don't buy it. >> eric: i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this right here is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: as the gun debate rolls along some libs are going off the rail. they're so antigun, they can't think straight. listen to words of wisdom from colorado state representative joe salazar, a democrat, who thinks women should call time-out and run to a safe zone if they think they are getting raped. >> that's why we have call boxes and safe zones. that's why we have the whistles, you just don't know who you will be shooting at. you don't know if you feel like you are going to raped or feel like someone is following you around. if you feel like you are in trouble, you might not be, you pop out the gup and pop a round at somebody. >> eric: "pop a round at somebod
and a whole lot of damage in its wake. i have asked viewers to contact us through report to send both video and pictures. by my twitter page pictures were already starting to come in. we don't know the size, the capacity, the time on the ground, the national weather service will talk about the impact of what you see in the center of your screen. look at that lightening strike. it is staying on the ground for quite sometime. we have different angle of this. can we show viewers the different angle that came through earlier. this has audio on it. listen to the power of the twister moving across hattiesburg, mississippi. i asked people to hit me with their photos. the university of southern mississippi is within that twister path as it was moving across hattiesburg. this is the music building. one of our viewers says her daughter asthevendz inside her apartment building as the twister went by she went outside safely after it moved through and took this picture of the music building. thankfully the university of southern miss is out. it's out on break because of mardi gras. th
a press conference when he talks about cuts using the word smaller. >> there's so much shrinkage. the problem is the middle class is the working poor. that's what's the norm. people are so used to it now they don't realize it should be fixed. we could focus on cutting back on spending, thinking about how to stimulate jobs and the economy. we're so used to the stagnation, it's become acceptable and people aren't critical enough to say there's a better way to do this and a smarter financial way to make sense. >> is this the new normal? before we get to that, the white house scrambled after the cbo announcement to cobble the press conference together. what did you think? >> one of the things, if ear going to call press conferences, he has to take questions. if he goes to the white house briefing room, reporters should demand access and ability to probe and ask questions. i don't understand how that keeps heaping. the econstituency was interesting. this morning early on i read a story in politico that said the president today would release a package of spending cuts combined with tax
could use the money. the next time you see someone in a shirt proclaiming free muna, slap the book across their forehead. it will be the closest they get to real knowledge ever. anyway, interestingly enough, while i was writing that, there is another cop killer on the loose, christopher dorner, running around l.a people are on twitter supporting him. what is it with people who romance evil at the expense of good? >> i have no idea. i have no idea while these people would make a cop killer into a hero. one of the most egregious thinks that they did with mumia was, do you remember when npr offered him a talk show from prison? >> yeah. >> i mean, like we really want to hear what he has to say elevating him to that position. it never really happened, but it's mind boggling that they pick the killer over the hero to glorify in something like this. they've been doing it for years. >> yeah. >> it seems like it will never go away. >> he was a commencement speaker for two different american colleges. two more than you. >> so inspiring. >> yes. >> i really -- i've never really understood th
us? what is happening there right now? seems that you will probably have to wait until daylight to get a true picture of the damage. >> we are facing a couple of situations. any area that was impacted by the tornado that went through the area is without power. dark of course, reit now and especially without power to lend assistance to the first responders in the area to continue the search and rescue operations makes it more challenging. additionally you can see on the radar there is still heavy rainfall falling throughout the area and very strong thunderstorms we are watching right now is moving through maryan into lamar county and expected to move towards or are to the south of the hattiesburg area. they are not over yet. flash flooding still a concern because of the storms falling over the same areas over and over and over for the past several hours. we go to get through this and we will get on with surveying the damages tomorrow. >> we heard earlier there were search and rescue operations underway and now talking about the other weather moving in in addition to so much power
know he what i see? i see the fairest individual in the universe, god, and he's given us a system. it's called time. >> well, he didn't stop there because carson is the head of neurosurgery at johns hopkins. listen to his take on obama care. >> he's my solution. when the person is born, give them a birth certificate, an electronic card and a health savings account. when you die, you can pass it on to your family members so that when you're 85 years old and you've got six diseases you're not trying to spend up everything. you're happy to pass it on and there's nobody talking about death panels. >> well, rush limbaugh said republicans could learn a thing or two from the good doctor. >> he sets out a position based on our principles of individual responsibility and free market that is a logical solution that makes total sense to everybody who hears it. >> this man said it while obama's sitting there. this is the kind of thing the republican party should have been saying for the past four years. >> greg, you have a lot to say about this was prove it. >> the doctor better make sure his tax
of bounty is 50% more absorbent than a full size sheet of the leading ordinary brand. use less, with bounty select-a-size. >> greta: 22-year-old jennifer lawrence won her first oscar. what was her moment memorable moment of oscar night? take a look. >> you can see it, hope you get a fan here. >> hello. >> thank you. >> good to see you. itch you're being really rude. thank you. i love all your movies. >> oh, really? [chuckles] >> still waiting. [laughter] >> he needed a rear-view mirror. >> what are you going to remember about tonight? [chuckles] >> that's your last call. thanks for being with us tonight, see you tomorrow night. make sure to go to we have the poll about what vice-president joe biden said. good night from washington, d.c. >> eric: hello, everybody. it's 5:00. this is "the five." we have this jam-packed show. ♪ ♪ >> eric: we have a jam-packed show for you today. if you thought seth mcfarland was funny hosting the oscar last night, wait until you hear gutfeld's take on how it was prom night. k.g., the in-house prosecutor will cross examine a couple of big leg
say, every magazine editor should think guns is like yoga, but useful. >> eric: we should hear from fennists, right -- feminists, right? >> bob: you want to see women carrying guns on a college campus? >> greg: yes. i ask this question myself, would i rather have my wife face a rape west a whistle or a gun? gun definitely, or i'm a terrible husband. >> kimberly: they give you mace and things like that, but if you are trained properly, that's one thing. the problem is not too muches mh estrogen. it's too much "t." men are the problem. >> eric: the legislator as well intentioned as he might be, they are focusing on issues that have nothing to do with the root cause of the problem, domestic violence or violence against women, college campuses that aren't secure. the reason people are committing crimes in the first place. this is all basically, how many women are carrying guns on college campuses? i don't know the number, but i don't want to step them they are not allowed to if they feel like they need to protect themselves. this busy bodiness at the state legislatures i have an idea. n
and the cowards don't have the ability to -- >> eric: there aren't fewer. even you use 2012 budgets to pay 2013 expenses you will spent more. you have more to spend than 2012. >> bob: in the in cuts that are subjected to the sequestration. >> eric: kimberly, the year 2000 an 2012 the population increased. in that same time, the budget increased by 98%. we have a spending problem. >> kimberly: of course we have a spending problem. but president panic wants us to believe otherwise. to get out of this we to have to do more spending. he won't look at the problem. he says spend more money, more stimulus and hiring. he has it wrong. he wants to follow the same steps back to club doom. that is what is going to happen. same thing aural over. doing the same thing all over again and expecting different result. >> greg: this is happening over and over again. i feel like the debate. >> kimberly: groundhog day. >> greg: like schiapny toy you give to a kid so he doesn't realize he is going to doctor. the american public doesn't realize going to a ruin to ruin with spending. or road to greece because they're
've got a long night ahead of us. that will continue with us, all of it done by 1:00 tomorrow afternoon in boston. >> greta: fox news will cover the latest and breaking news in california. stay with fox news, we'll see >> hello, everyone, i'm kimberly guilfoyle. this is "the five." >> a world-renowned doctor steals the show from president obama at the national prayer breakfast in washington. blasting the president's agenda, right in front of him. it's caught a lot of people's attention. ladies and gentlemen, dr. benjamin carson. >> the p.c. police are out in force at all times. we have reached a point where people are afraid to actually talk about what they want to say. our deficit is a big problem. what about our taxation system? when i pick up my bible, you know what i see? i see the fairest individual in the universe, god, he's given us this system. hoosr it's called time. >> he didn't stop there. carson is the head of neurosurgery at johns hopkins. listen to obamacare. >> here's my solution. when a person is born, give them a birth certificate, an electronic medical record and a hea
. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small. >> greg: hello, everyone. i'm gregoire with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, and inventorier to of pipe sticks, dana perino. it's 5:00 somewhere. ♪ >> greg: so chuck todd, a guy so adorable he has two first names doesn't believe there is liberal bias in the media. i can only respond by saying i don't believe there is a chuck todd. he explains why righties don't do talk shows. >> i think that the mythology of the big bad, nonconservative media has gotten in to some offices and so that there is the sphere of we can't do anything -- it's -- i feel like this is a mythology that now younger staffers believe. it infuses them in the guys. they believe the spin that is out there. oh, my god, that is what the main stream media does. they do anything to disrupt the conservative agenda. mythology of the media out to get conservatives is believed among more and more actual staffers. >> greg: nice goatee. denying the media bias at this point is like denying sipe. you're worth than a flat earther. you are a no earther. if you don't bel
't matter. on this topic, i used that joke three months ago. >> dana: what difference does it make? >> kimberly: you have r such an environmentalists, recycling jokes. >> andrea: you made a point in your column in "usa today" today. excellent, we agree on. you said why don't they talk about entitlements? if republicans had strength on the argument, why sit on your hands. why not say you have driven us in a corper. how about instead of tax increases we reform entitlement? hand in hand. >> bob: budget control act the way it was passed in 2011, i'm sure you are interested in this, greg. you sat up for hours looking at it. they purposefully excepted social security, medicaid and most of medicare. when you get down to $1.3 trillion of cuts in ten years you are talking about real cuts. these are not unserious things here. we are talking about cutting back border control and fa by 600 slots. i don't know if you feel comfortable flying in that. these are sere you cuts. the rest of this will cause severe pain. >> dana: the it was cuts, isn't that the purpose of why he structured to deal? >>
-election with the opposite. michelle gave out that oscar, the joke was on us. another joke, what do washington politics and diaper have in common? at the end of the day, both are full of crap. we have obama staffer insuspecting woodward on twitter. is this a government or sorority sleepover? is fluff fluf plouffe braiding s hair? what is a few trillion when kim kardashian is pregnant? the fact, is obama is thrilled for he inherited a populus smothered in disposal pop culture it can't smell the decline around the corner, which is why obama can demonize successful being greedy and he is rifling through your pockets. how is that not greedy? demanding sacrifice for the sake of sacrifice make you noble? schools we learn about burqas, not budgets, peak thy not economics. which is why we should teach our kids chinese so they will understand the new employers, which reminds me of another joke. knock, knock. who's there? exactly. [ laughter ] >> kimberly: you almost lost he after the braiding thing. >> greg: i want to go to you first, bob. e-mail from gene sperling to bob woodward. overplayed by woodward? under
. >> kimberly: erroneous. you have a different take on. this they have us think it's doom and gloom and no more bay corp. in the bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches. >> eric: you will come get this here because we are the only ones who will tell you the truth. the sequest tration -- remember how we got here. the debt ceiling debate turned in the simpson-bowles commission which turned in the super committee, the grand bargain. they all failed. the pounding was going to be sequestration. what was the big penalty? it's not so big after all. take the chart please, show you what it is. spending is still going to increase. here is spending. the green area is spending. it continues to increase. the actual sequestration is a fine little skinny little red line that goes up along and guess what? it has almost zero impact on spending. spending is going to increase in 2012. according to the budget, $2 $2.54 trillion in '13. $3.7 trillion. it goes up. it will be $4.4 trillion in outlays. sequestration will not turn spending in the other direction. it's a fallacy. >> kimberly: so no real cuts happening is w
city? >> yes. >> how did you get there? >> usually drive to the t stationt(, then,ñr we use a tran to get there into the city. >> okay. some people, in fact a lot of people don't take the train and a lot of people drive.çó and maybe on the train you can see the people and traffic. trying to get to the lincoln tunnel. when you're governor...1e they close the lincoln tunnel for qx you get to drive right 1 no traffic. is the best. i love going to new york now. i used to hate it because i'd sit in traffic. now, no traffic. i love it. that is the fun thing on the fun side being governor. going to new york city. in fact there is lots of thingsnb she doesn't like. we're going into newg( york about three weeks ago. they stopped traffic. all of them. odd ways going wrong way. and... all of a sudden, there sit. there is the tube. it's open and you're flying through. she locked and goes there never gets old! might be the major reason she wants me to be reelected. not sure. >> greta: head to to see the exchange with governor christie. that is your last call. we'll see you ag
or taped they blew us out for 45 minutes. martha mccal yum did one day, then, greta was next. >> greta: rush is right. we did knock rush off the air but plead not guilty to knocking lights off at the super bowl. thank you for being with us tonight celebrating 11 years on the air at "on the record". good night from washington, d.c.. the time we have. stay tuned for "special report." >> good evening. i am john robert for bret baier this evening. this is a fox news alert. hostage standoff involving a 5-year-old boy has ended in alaba alabama. the child is safe. the man who apparently kidnapped him is dead. get the latest from jonathan serrie live in midland, alabama. we know law enforcement stormed this bunker that he had been keeping this 5-year-old in for a number of days. was he shot dead by police? did he take his own life? >> that is a great question, john, we don't know. law enforcement authorities gave us a play by play but did not take any question as to what happened. they only informed us that the suspect 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes is dead. they had been trying to negotiate thr
: the guns used to perpetrate the murders, do you think there would be fewer of them in hands of bad guys with more gun control laws? do the bad guys abide by the laws? >> bob: if you confiscate them. i would haven't the courage to get out in the middle of a gang war. >> andrea: if you don't have the right backup or assistant. they busted the budget they can't afford to give the cops backup. >> bob: that is right. why would anyone want to be courageous in the face of that with two guys in the car. >> andrea: how about fix the city finances. >> you go in strong and flood the zone with all kind of people. informant, tipsters. all sort of technology that you can monster them. charge them with racketeering. put them in jail for te years. >> bob: think did in los angeles, it didn't work. >> andrea: rudy giuliani did it in new york. it worked. it's not just chicago. that has the strict gun laws. south africa as well as brazil. south africa is an example of gun control, some of the strictest laws in the world. not working at all. this week we saw the olympic superstar amputee, oscar pistorius ha
against a guy that rixs his life for his country. typical bureaucrat that uses the country to pad the lifestyle. that is the person that is rewarded long-term through pensions and whatnot. one is a warrior. the other is a barnacle. the barnacle gets a better life. that is the injustice. >> bob: the person who captured saddam hussein did not get that. it's just part of your job. >> eric: i cannot imagine -- why do you go like this. i quit. bang. >> bob: all i'm saying is i suppose you could do that. >> kimberly: they would prosecute you or something. >> bob: i would be shocked if on the speakers circuit alone make hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> eric: listen to president obama on veterans day. watch. >> long after the battles end and the heroes come home, we stay by their side. that's who we are. nobody fights for country overseas should have to fight for a job or roof over their head or the care they have earned when they come home. >> bob: there is nothing changed under obama in terms of retirement and health in the military service at all. so putting that s.o.t. up there is
great integrity. that is your last call. thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow night. go to talk to us about what you think about dr. ben carson cprk and much more, good night from washington. good night. >> eric: hello. i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: the shooter who killed usama bin laden has spoken but what he is saying may surprise you. look, bin laden is dead and america is safer. the guy who hit him is out of work and struggling to feed his family. cautious and careful not to leak secrets or put the country at risk. he is broke. he served 16 years in the navy, not 20 years to earn a pension and he is thrown out of the healthcare system because his 180 days ran out. some people can cash in on the kill. "zero dark thirty" for example. >> 100%. >> we will never find him. ♪ ♪ >> he is one of them. >> eric: that film is grossing $100 million. is it fair that the guy with deployments and 30 plus kills including bin laden i
that was -- i said at the time, terrible idea. district to use a cliche we are tired of "if it were bush" god knows what would happen. >> bob: can we move that aside? >> greg: we can't. it's true. it's true. >> andrea: you worked in a number of white houses. when something like that happens and an attack on american soil, consulate is considered don't most president bring in joint chiefs and all of their cabinet agencies vapid a conference call? they don't say hey leon, it's up to you how to handle it and never follow up. >> bob: i think that there was a lot going on in the middle east. over that period of days. i think probably he did. i don't know the answer to this. >> dana: they testified he didn't. >> bob: he is taking this massive imagery of a massive coverup and a scandal. it was sad and horrible thing. but it was not the biggest thing that happened to the united states government. >> andrea: eight-hour attack on a consulate. that is not exactly nothing. >> dana: all right. we got to go, we have more to talk about. coming up, is america ready for libertarian president? senator rand pau
us the strategy. >> bob: i'm trying to get prozac in my veins after the open. it's not that bad. the reason obama is doing this he knows what the polls tell him, and that is the public does think, whether you think it's fair but the republicans do favor the wealthy and willing to do what is necessary to protect them. obama is playing a strategy here. he will try to push the republicans, the republicans will eventually cave. there will be a deal. don't anybody out there worry about it. don't sell your campers or do anything else. it will be fine. >> greg: i don't have a camper. >> bob: you don't have a camper? >> andrea: you say this is not a big deal but i'm really ticked off today. we are broke. does nip get that? everyone says it is not a big deal. looking at the polls. playing politics. we are bankrupt. we are over. >> bob: we're fine. we're fine. >> andrea: we are done. at least carter tried. jimmy carter tried. >> kimberly: oh, my gosh, we got to that point yet? >> bob: i don't think we are broke. there will be a deal and it will bring enough money in to get us below to fal
they think of as immigration reform is going to cost us all a lot of money because the federal c government in its infiniteen stupidity is going to try to cut that pie, it's going to come out of social security and somewhere, so they just can't fake it except by printing money. >> gary. >> i think it's about to go defensive. philip morris. i think it will have a few goods months ahead. >> all right.o jonathan? >> i'm looking at some of the smallest financial names. names under a billion dollars in market cap. there is not an etf that tracks them in particular, but wmcr, this is a good diversionification if you just own big stocks, this is the smallest of the small. strong on the charts. i like it right now. >> small is beautiful. gary, can we set a new high on the markets next week? >> doubt it. i think we're going to muck around and correct more. going all right. thanks for that. thanks to all of you. that's it for the cost of freedom block. thank you for joining us. i'm see you on the willis report weeknights on "fox business" network at 6 to 9 p.m have a great weekend. >> hello,
for joining us. remember, you can weigh in on all the topics we discussed onit twitter. be sure to sound off. remember, while you work hard, pay your taxes, put food on the table, lawmakers in washington are cash noting in and that haso stop of thes have a great weekend, everybody. ir >>> hello, everyone. i'm andrea tantaros, eric bolling, dana perino and on lonb from bill o'reilly, the one and only jesse it's 5:00 o'clock in new york city. move your hand. this is "the five." >> president obama was back in his hometown pushing for gun control. the presidentor spoke in chicago where the p skyrocketing murder rate is now as bad as the al capone gangland days. so far this year, there have been 44 homicides. that's comparedth to this time n 192 when there were only 26. eric, you were born and raised26 in chicago. this problem has gotten out of hand in the first five hours oft this year alone. five shootings. h i talked to anonymously some cops on the ground. is not enough force and these i are a lot of young teens committing these crimes and the civil rights groups are out of control.
her a white football jersey and joked they're registered at toys are us. thank you for being with us tonight. go to i'm -- i'm ordering to go there. go there. gretawir >> greg: hello. i'm greg gutfeld with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling, and her big wheel is double parked outside. dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city. hence, "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: so some groups are ticked off at coca-cola for the super bowl ad featuring an arab with a camel in the desert. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: so one arab group is claiming this is racist or something. coke says it was just using film characters from the past. now you might call the groups cry babies but that would have been people with malfunctioning tear ducts. instead, i call them americans where they figured out like the rest of us outrage gets attention. forget anger over terrorism. words speak louder than actio action. as you demand subservient to hurt feelings. how to beat them? join them. taco bell claims they pull their ad that asked people to eat tacos instead of carrot after vegetable lovers, vented on
quebec security agent for using zombie prep exercises. tell us what you think at, good night from washington. on basic cable. i'm thirsty. >> andrea: hello. i'm andrea tantaros with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino, on loan from bill o'reilly the one and only jesse waters. it's 5:00 in new york city. move your hand, waters. this is "the five"! ♪ ♪ president obama was back in his hometown pushing for gun control. the president spoke in chicago where the skyrocketing murder rate is now as bad as the al capone gap land days soft far this year there have been 44 only side44homicide compared ton there were 26. eric, you were born and raised in chicago. this problem got out of hand. in the first five hour, i talked cops on the ground who say there are not enough force. the civil rights groups are out of control. do you think what the president said will have any effect? >> eric: give president obama credit for going to chicago. why are you going, making tour of rounds and bypass chicago. he is in chicago where the murder rate is higher than any other major city in mu
, palm trees and join us. >> dana: you think it won't happen -- the chances of it happening are so slim that you might as well go ahead and take a chance. how mad is everybody else in the cruise business? >> eric: this is not affecting the stock price. it's down a couple of percent through the whole thing. the people, the money guys are saying, look, people have short memories. this is a disaster. it's terrible. no one is dead, knock on wood so far. people will forget about this. a few million bucks at these people will go a long way. >> bob: pain and suffering. >> andrea: how long will it take congress to do something about this? we used to hear about the terrible stories about people trapped on planes. they didn't have food. they were maybe not having the sanitary conditions on the plane. they passed a law in congress. any airline that lets a plane sit on the tarmac for more than three hours gets fined $25,000 per passenger. that's why they keep canceling all the flights. i'm just, i'm just throwing it out there. >> eric: that is u.s. these ships are regulated by maritime law. once th
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